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Cheryl's Competitive Mindset Training focuses on elevating teams to new levels of competition. Drawing from her experiences as a world athlete, Cheryl provides mindset training programs aimed at enhancing athlete performance through both mental and technical skill development.

  • Unique Coaching Insights
  • Virtual and On-Site Options
  • Workbook with Tools Used by the Pros
  • And more...

Team Programs

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This intensive 5-day Dragon Boat Paddling Camp, led by Cheryl, focuses on refining body mechanics to enhance blade mechanics, creating a powerful and efficient stroke. Paddlers receive personalized attention, engage in small group sessions, and learn energy training and mental toughness strategies for heightened competition.

  • 5-Day Immersive Camp
  • Focus on Developing Body Mechanics
  • Video Lessons & Paddling Journal Included
  • And more...

Team Programs

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This OC1 Clinic is tailored for dragon boat paddlers seeking to cross-train and enhance their skills using the outrigger canoe. Cheryl provides focused sessions on paddling mechanics, body alignment, and stroke techniques to improve dragon boat performance.

  • Specialized OC1 Clinic
  • Intensive Focus on Body Mechanics
  • Endurance Building for Zones 1 & 2
  • And more...

Team Programs

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This program is a comprehensive online fitness regimen tailored for dragon boat paddlers, focusing on muscle strength, cardio endurance, core connection, and functional fluid movement.

  • Progressive and Safe Training Platform
  • Sport-Specific Weight Training
  • Flexible Self-Directed Training
  • And more...
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