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For Athletes

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This Dragon Boat Fitness Training program is specifically designed for paddlers aiming to build muscle, strengthen the core, and develop cardio energy systems for dragon boat racing.

  • Progressive 7-Month Program
  • Fitness Training for Peak Performance
  • Recorded Training Video Sessions
  • And more...

For Athletes

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This is the complete OC1 course for the dragon boat paddler with an on water program that outlines how to cross-train between DB practices and the specific training sessions to prepare for time trials.

  • Technical Drills
  • Sport-specific Exercises
  • Training Program for Time Trials + Cross Training
  • And more...

For Athletes

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This comprehensive program focuses on preparation and utilizes heart rate zones (HRZ) while encouraging cross-training with alternative cardio equipment like ellipticals, swimming, or rowing machines.

  • Structured Competitive Paddler Programs
  • Training Progressions and Race Strategies
  • Seasonal Plan Templates and Tools
  • And more...

For Athletes

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This series consists of 13 video learning "movement patterns" designed specifically to help paddlers build the kinesthetic chains required for the dragon boat stroke as well as the OC and SUP stroke!

  • Video Learning
  • Paddling Movement Patterns
  • Stroke Connection and Power
  • And more...
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